Miles.Finance is truly a unique crypto platform.

We are building a robust exchange that will allow you to buy and sell Small Cap Cryptos not offered on larger exchanges for investors seeking out ground floor entry into new crypto projects.

The platform issues the credit card to successful applicants who can then load up their platform wallet or “accounts” with a number of supported currencies, initially BTC, ADA, and ETH. As a user spends against their limit, they can pay down their balance using the crypto positions held on their platform wallet automatically.

Miles. Finance is more than just a Crypto Exchange. Imagine minting, buying, and selling NFTs as well as purchasing real-world goods through an all-in-one platform that gives you MILES token rewards for participating in our ecosystem.



The MILES token is a Cardano Native token. Cardano was our preference because of the low transaction fees and high level of security Cardano provides.

Miles is a token-powered Visa credit/debit card rewards platform that rewards users for everyday purchases and spending on their cards. Users earn MILES tokens based on the total value of purchases made. MILES can be used to redeem airline miles, or goods and services through our exclusive travel partner network.

MILES is the cryptographic token on the Miles application and network that powers its ecosystem. MILES is issued natively on Ethereum as an ERC-20 token and will be bridged to Cardano. This enables compatibility with the vast Ethereum ecosystem and infrastructure while enabling reward incentives for ADA pool stakers.

Final LOGO

Jason Thornton

Founder/Managing Partner

Jason Thornton began his entrepreneurial endeavors at the age of 21. He built a highly successful commercial services business in the Northwest United States and operated this company for 9 years realizing over 30% year over year growth in a highly competitive industry. He sold that company in 2002 at the age of 30. From there he went on to found 3 other business including a highly successful Insurance Marketing Organization that currently supports a sales force of over 700 agents nationwide. He is an “ideas man” according to his beloved wife, and he has the talent and influence to bring his ideas to fruition. Miles.Finance is born of his idea to fill a much needed gap in the crypto space. Jason is a parent/step-parent to 9 children. His family has a long tradition of military service with his father being a retired US Army CW4 Helicopter pilot and 4 of his sons currently serving in the US Armed Forces (3 Navy, 1 Air Force). Ask anyone he is in business with and they will tell you he is know for being a man of his word.

Our Team

We are hiring more marketing specialist, blockchain engineers and growing our development and marketing team.

William Collins

Investor’s Advocate/Financial Auditor

William Collins joined the US Navy after complete graduation from high school. On the Navy duty he spent 11 years, he ranked in Electrician’s Mate First Class. In addition to his nuclear engineering degree, he did part-time work at research, development and export control reviews after he left the military. After, he worked for the National Security Complex and at the National Laboratory. Details are so important to him. William’s four sons always keep him busy, but he strives to learn and do new things.

Matt Thornton

Community Manager

Matt Thornton started his career in an outbound call center as a sales executive. He is continuously become best #1 sales executive for 33 months and he managed many things. He was general manager in FRC, Served U.S.Army. Matt was seen very up – dawn in his life. Matt knows his brother Jason has an excellent skills in business and he joined Matt in not only for insurance business but also in Miles.Finance 

Noelle Rivers

Technical Advisor

Noelle Rivers is an icon in the insurance marketing space. She is a co-founder of a nationwide insurance marketing organization that currently supports over 700 agents nationwide in the United States. She is acting president of that organization. She has a broad skill set including social media marketing, software development, API integration, systems development, talent recruiting, and staff training. She has been highly successful with every organization she has been a part of including being ranked in the top 10 out of over 5000 individuals with her last organization. She brings a passion for women’s equality in the workspace. She has organized and volunteered for several political campaigns including the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her passion is for fairness in the workplace is unsurpassed.

Miles Token Distribution

Miles Token Distribution


Phase 1

◉ Idea Development
◉ Team Formation
◉ Conceptualization Business Plan Formation
◉ Legal Research & Consulting
◉ Branding & Narrative
◉ landing page Creation & Announce Project
◉ Development of Project Plan
◉ Tokenomics Creation

Phase 2

◉ Creation of MILES Cardano's native token
◉ Pitch Deck Creation
◉ White Paper Creation
◉ MILES Token ICO & Token Sale
◉ Cardano staking node creation
◉ Airdrop for everybody who decides to stake their MILES/ADA tokens

Phase 3

◉ MILES Token rewards
◉ Yield Farm & Staking Pools
◉ Wallet Development & integration
◉ Enabling MILES/ADA liquidity & exchange
◉ Exchange Listings

Phase 4

◉ NFT Marketplace Platform
◉ Issuance of MILES Credit Card
◉ Building Real-world good site focusing MILES token
◉ Brand partnerships & Rewards Centre launch
◉ Audit of the project
◉ Fully functional in-app marketplace

Get In Touch With Us

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.


312 W 1st St Suite 504, Sanford FL, 32771


Frequently Asked Questions

MILES is the cryptographic token on the Miles application and network that powers its ecosystem.

Miles.Finance is a unique platform focusing on the low cap market allowing its users to access crypto projects on the ground floor. MILES token will be a key part of this ecosystem.

MILES is a Cardano Native asset and is secured by the Cardano blockchain making it one of the most secure assets you can own.

Transaction fees on the Cardano network are a fraction of the gas fees of other networks such as Ethereum.

Our goal is to bring you many real-world digital goods such as E-Gift cards, Airline MILES, and Hotel Points rewards. We love Crypto and we love to travel, so our rewards will be geared toward both.

Users will be able to acquire MILES through its token sale, through ADA staking earnings in our staking pool or on the secondary market.

As dog lovers, many of our management team members made their first substantial crypto profits on Dogecoin, the homage to the Dogecoins logo is based on that early success.

No, we are building a robust ecosystem to complement our token giving it a definite use case to fill a huge gap in the crypto market.